Be Your Own Boss, How to Say Goodbye to the Grind

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Do you want to be your own boss? Leaving behind a job you’ve become accustomed to is never easy and there are many reasons that people say goodbye to a job. Some leave a job because they’ve outgrown the work and are no longer challenged mentally.

Why leave and work from home?

Others leave because of office politics or poor pay despite all their challenging work. A few leave a job because they’ve decided that it’s time to spread their wings and work from home. That’s you and you’re planning a new and exciting future away from the same old grind but you’re not sure how to exit gracefully.

Being your own boss doesn’t mean to burn all your bridges

Never burn bridges. Though it’s tempting to finally get everything you’ve been holding in off your chest, you never know when you might need that former employer as a reference or as a networking opportunity, so make sure that you leave gracefully.

Give a two-week notice and clear everything out of your to-do box to make the transition easier for the next person who will fill your shoes. Gather all the contact information from colleagues and customers so that you can stay in touch with those you like and to form new loyalties in the future with your own business.

Be your own boss, why leave and work from home?

Be realistic about your plans if you want to be your own boss

Remember that timing is important. While it’s great to dream, you can’t pay the mortgage with a dream. So, get the finances in order before you wave adios to your old job. Plus, you don’t want the stress of finances nipping at your heels when you can finally be your own boss.

Work hard before you quit. This will help to pay a few months ahead on all your credit cards and other financial obligations. Tuck away enough money in savings to get support yourself while your business is in the startup phase. You’ll be glad you don’t have that pressure.

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Being your own boss and working from home is exciting. It can also be trying if you’ve never been responsible for a business before. First, do your homework. Have a focused marketing plan for your business and put it to work.

To be your own boss, patience is everything, it takes time to build a business

Remember that most businesses don’t see profit overnight. But with a steady dedication you will succeed. Remember the colleagues you said goodbye to? Now is the time to network with them. Tap into their circle of contacts to spread the word about your business.

Don’t buy into the myth that you must spend a lot of money to make money. Your business budget shouldn’t be spent on fancy gadgets for the office or advertising. Instead, look for all the free avenues you can take to build your business working from home.

Get advice from people you trust

You don’t have to spend money to make it. Have a business plan and stick to the plan. You might even consider setting in place some trusted advisors and give them veto power to help keep you from making some of the mistakes that startup businesses commonly make.

For some more tools to help you on your quest to be your own boss, check out our Resources Page.

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