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Do You Need A Logo Design For Your Home Business?

Logo Design
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Logo design is one of the most important aspects of having a business. It is an opportunity to advertise, and say what your business is all about, or convey a feeling all without words. What if you are no artist? Where can you get a logo designed? There are many low-cost options to get your business noticed with logo for your new home business.

Logo designs to take note of

There are so many company logos on the market, but many of them have a certain notoriety. In just a symbol you know exactly what the brand or company is without even a name. Some of these include Pepsi, Apple, Google, Nike, Taco Bell, Target, McDonalds, Shell, Starbucks, and the list goes on and on.

Out of all these logos, there is so much said with just the logo, that you know exactly who they are. There are millions of dollars that go into researching and testing these logos with customers for appeal. But I must tell you that you do not need to shell out thousands of dollars for a great logo. You have many options available to you.

Where to go for a logo design?

If you are not an artist, there are many graphic designers out there who are looking for an easy side hustle to make some extra money. There are also many tools and services online both free and paid to help you with your logo design as well.

Find a graphic designer with Fiverr

If you go to Fiverr, many of these talented individuals offer logo design for as little as five dollars. This is a steal! Be sure to look around at different design examples to see what style of designer you like. Different designers charge different rates. Sometimes it depends on the style, as well as how many revisions or format types you are requesting. Fiverr is surely one of the easiest ways to go.

Leverage the design tools of Canva

If you want to go more hands on, there are a few options, both free and paid. Canva is a great program for many things, for both publishing, graphic design, and social media. Canva offers a free version of their program as well as paid. They have huge libraries of logo templates that are easy to modify to suit your own taste.

If you have website hosting, many provide free logo design as part of their website package. Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Wix as well as others. Go to our Web Hosting page for more information.

Leave it to the professionals?

Alternitively you can go with larger firms to collaborate to design a logo, such as Tailor Brands. This gives you the option to really have something made the way you want, and you can work one with a designer. The largest drawback is the cost.

Automated logo generators

There are other logo generators that are free such as Free Logo Design. This is great as well; however, you really lack the ability to customize your logo design the way you want it.

Are you ready to get your business recognized?

Whichever direction you choose with designing a logo, the important part is to make it recognizable and relatable to your product or niche. Also, many new business owners have a need to throw down a lot of money on a design even before they have an established business. I recommend starting small, with may be a $5.00 logo and redesign it as you grow. Having an amazing logo won’t bring you success. What it will do is let your customers recognize your outstanding customer service.

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