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How to Advertise for Your Home Business

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Knowing how to Advertise for your home business is very important. Especially if you just started one and wish to continue being successful. Don’t let potential customers slip away anymore! Here is the advertising knowledge you need.

Why do you need to advertise you home business?

You may be asking why it’s important to advertise your home business. Look at all the successful businesses in your area and chances are, they are advertising well. Without creating some kind of buzz, only a few people will know you exist. Creating potential customers and letting existing ones know what specials you’re having can create tons of business. If making money is your goal then you must advertise to make more of it.

Business cards – advertise with your calling card

Business cards are important because they are your calling card basically. Believe it or not, even in our digital age, people keep these and when they need someone. If yours looks good enough, they’ll give you a call. Network with a few people in your own niche and see what their cards look like. Make yours totally different but not too distracting. You need to have your business name, logo, your name, phone number, e-mail address and your website.

Logos? email? business phone numbers?

There are so many ways to utilize different services online, from logo design to setting up your own digital phone number for your business. One great place to go for logo design is Fiverr. Especially if you are no graphic design artist. You can get a logo for your business made for as little as $10. There are also websites like eVoice, that let you set up an answering service for your business, all online. Go to our Business Operations Resources Page for more information.

Print based advertising

There may be print shops around your area that can make your business cards and things like fliers. Call around and check out their pricing, and if it works for you give it a shot. These days you can also get online and have customized things printed for you at a very low bulk rate. Use your best judgement and go with what you can afford.

Seek out partnerships in the community

Once you have some fliers you must know where to put them or they won’t do any good. Try asking locally run businesses first because you can get in touch with their owners and see if it’s okay. Try finding meeting places where a lot of people go, like libraries and laundry mats. Avoid big stores or any place that specifically prohibits leaving fliers or handing out cards.

Advertise your business online

Build a website and make sure it looks like it was done by a professional. Don’t just throw up a free web page using a free host with a cookie cutter design. Get a professional to build it and to host it for you. You can then use your URL on all kinds of things to advertise, like your business cards. Remember to sign up for social media websites and update all of your online pages whenever possible.

Getting a website

If you have not already gotten a website for your business you need one. You may actually need several. Having an online presence is crucial today. Consider social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name a few. It is always best to have your own domain and your own website. This is usually the most customizable option for your business. Not sure how to get started? Go to our Website Hosting Page to find vendors to set up your domain and website.

If you are having trouble coming up with a website name, or even a business name, check out this quick tip:

Boader and traditional advertising

Holding sales, offering promotions and holding local events can get your name out there. Find out how to advertise these things in the newspaper. Call TV stations and see how much it costs to put a commercial on air. Get an account on a video hosting site and see if you can’t come up with an online commercial. Be creative and you’ll find more ways to advertise.

What is your advertising goal?

It’s important to get people speaking to each other about your home business. Every customer counts towards your success, so get in touch with as many people as you can. You’ll be glad you did when your home business goes far!

If you are still looking for help with your home business, or if you want to expand to the online marketplace, you can learn how by enrolling in one or more of our featured Training Programs.

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