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Selling Products Online? Get to Know ClickBank and PayDotCom

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Are you selling products online? As an info product creator or someone who promotes products for others as an affiliate, you’ll want to know the difference between ClickBank and PayDotCom. Both of these platforms have pros and cons, but can be beneficial you.

Why use Clickbank and PayDotCom?

Some people have chosen to use both online marketplaces in order to have the best of both worlds when selling products online. Something they have in common is that both marketplaces have info products and both offer a wide selection of niches.

One difference is that PayDotCom lets the owner of the product pay you, while ClickBank will handle that for you. That can be a blessing or a hassle, depending on whether or not the product owner is reliable.

With online marketing there is a huge difference

There’s a big difference in the fees charged between these two companies. ClickBank charges a fee of $49.95 for a new product account but you can get a discount for subsequent product accounts. PayDotCom charges a $29 fee once, and then you can sell as many products as you want.

ClickBank has a more stringent approval process for marketers when it comes to sales pages than PayDotCom does. You have to get pre approval with ClickBank, but not with PayDotCom. You can list tangibles for sale on PayDotCom, but not through ClickBank.

Refunds can be an issue with the products you sell

ClickBank holds a reserve to combat too many refunds before payout, but PayDotCom doesn’t do this. You can get paid through PayPal instantly.

If you have an unhappy customer through ClickBank, you have to return all of the money up to two months after a purchase – but PayDotCom doesn’t have the same requirement. However, you may choose on your own to refund someone at your discretion regardless of which marketplace you use when selling products online.

These are all in stark difference to the level of automation and regulations that amazon marketplace, and amazon affiliate program has.

PayDotCom is more one to one, while Clickbank handles affiliates for you

You have the ability to reach out and contact affiliates via email through PayDotCom but ClickBank doesn’t offer that same opportunity. However, ClickBank does have a system in place where they take care of ensuring that your affiliates receive the proper amount of money, they’ve earned so that you don’t have to take care of that headache.

Which is best? Depends on your preference when it comes to ecommerce

Both of these online marketplaces have good reputations and are definitely used by smart internet marketers to make money. Which one is right for you is a matter of weighing what you want to accomplish with what the company offers in features. Many marketers release their products on both sites to accommodate all affiliates.

What if I want to be an affiliate?

You can also market and sell other people’s products on Clickbank and PayDotCom. There are also several other affiliate marketing programs. To see a list, go to our Resources Page. There are several options in the ecommerce market, from Shopify to MyCBGenie and Commission Junction. As well as other tools you may need.

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