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You Need to Create Content to Market Your Promotions

Online Affiliate Marketing
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If you don’t create content along with your marketing efforts, your online business will flop. You have to let the people know you’re online and what you’re all about. There are many ways to easily and inexpensively market your business is by writing articles or hiring someone to write them for you. You can also create videos to put on YouTube or post pictures on Instagram.

Why do you need to create content?

The purpose of content, i.e., videos, Instagram captions, and blog articles is that they can be used to promote your website through the use of backlinks in the articles. Plus, it’s smart strategy for search engine optimization (SEO). This content acts as fingers pointing the way to your site and driving traffic there.

Tools that will help with you content

A few tools to consider to help you create content:

  1. Canva – Canva is an online media creation tool, it can help you create content and digital art for Instagram, Facebook, or your website. There is a free version too.
  2. Unsplash & Pexels– great options for grabbing stock video or images for your webpage or article.

It is all about driving traffic to you site

Every marketer knows that the more traffic a website receives, the higher the likelihood that your lead generation and sales will also increase. You can’t sell your products if the population isn’t made aware of what you have to offer to them.

If you were to simplify creating content for marketing, it could be defined as advertising. That’s what content marketing does for you. Advertises your business – but it does it a lot cheaper than traditional methods ever could.

Submitting your content and articles to directories

Once your content is created, or your articles are written and edited, the next step is to submit them to article or websites to directories. Always make sure you use fresh content, because the same article with a few words switched around won’t pass some directories with stringent article approval rules. Original and newly created content usually wins out here.

When submitting to more than one directory, what happens for the website you’re promoting is that a larger net is cast into the sea of traffic than there would be if you didn’t promote this way.

What happens next once you are indexed?

People searching the Internet find your article, read the content (make it relevant and engaging), and they feel they’ve learned some important information that will help them so they follow the link to learn even more. Or they may find your meta description appealing and click on your graphic or image.

Not all directories are created equally

Different article directories will have different rules concerning backlinks. Some won’t allow them in the middle of an article and only want them in your signature while other directories don’t care where you put them.

Consistency is crucial when building your SEO presence

Submitting articles to directories should be an ongoing process rather than a “submit and forget it.” The more well-received articles you submit, the more your reputation as an expert will grow and the higher you’ll rank in search engines. The more content you have the more favorably you will be seen as an authority.

Be strategic on what content you create

When you write the articles (or have them written) you want to use a specific strategy. For example, if you’re writing about how to make money selling eBooks, you can write articles on the popularity of eBooks, why people buy them and the steps they can take to write their own.

Remember you are creating content to provide quality and value

You want to be careful that you give them enough information to make the reader interested and want to click on the link to head over to your site. If you write the articles in an informative way that gives value, then you’ll drive traffic to your site – but if you write it as a hard-hitting sales letter, you’ll end up pushing people away.

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