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How to Maximize Your Home Business Office

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Your home business office is often a place where things can get busy and messy! There are competing sayings about clutter. Some will say that a cluttered office is an indication of a cluttered worker, whereas others like to joke those geniuses thrive on clutter. However, if your home business office is cluttered, it will clutter both your mind and your business. Read on into the following paragraphs to clean up your immediate area so that you can refresh your mind with a good office organizing.

Find storage solutions for your home business office clutter

If the clutter were not important to you, it would not be there laying around in messy piles. So do not feel like you must throw anything away. Just make it neat. Have twenty pens laying around? Find a mug to put them all in. You need not spend a lot here. Banker’s boxes are cheap at office supply stores, and your local second-hand or donation retailers have all kinds of things you can to decorate your office. If you want to find office organizers, check out, they have lots of great office supplies at low prices.

If you have wall space available, use it

Cork, white and magnetic boards all make very convenient places to write down notes and keep things that you need to remember well within eyesight. You can even print out important information and post it on you wall.

If you are still more electronic and what to keep organized, you should investigate whiteboard apps. Miro is a whiteboard app that is great for brainstorming and writing workflows.

Have some way to calendar your schedule in your office

This can be anything from a large desk calendar to a notebook sized day runner to an app on your smartphone. Google calendar is a wonderful way to go, or When it comes to getting more organized with scheduling, there are some great tools on our Organizational Tools page.

Look at portability to save space with electronics

The use of electronics, especially portable ones can really save space in your home office, which is good considering the room was designed more for a bed than a desk. Swap out your big desktop for a laptop or Ultrabook. You might even be able to wall mount a flat screen television and hook up video through HDMI for a big view that uses little space.

Keep your paperwork sorted for your home business

Get several stacking shelves and use them to sort through all your usual paperwork. Even in the digital age, you are going to have some.

Keep a hard copy of your expenses

Make sure that you have a paper copy of your business expenses in journal. You might keep your data digitally, but a hard copy back up is essential. Ideally, you might store this in a fireproof safe. Most good document safes could easily fit in a large desk drawer or even a filing cabinet. This would keep it out of sight from a thief who might be able to carry it off with him.

Clear your desk!

Always sweep your desk for anything that does not need to be there. In just a few short days, you can quickly accumulate several dirty dishes, glasses, silverware, packaged snacks, cough drops – the list goes on.

Can you keep your home business office organized?

You should put all the effort you can into your home office before you really start spending a lot of time in there. However, there is always time to step back and adjust the existing layout so that you can make your home business space more efficient and useful to you. Try all the ideas listed within this article to create more space for you and your work. Only you can make your personal space a pleasant and productive one.

If you need more tools to help keep organized, check out our Resources Page!

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