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Formed in 2020, HindeSights strives to provide information and resources to new and existing business owners to encourage, promote growth and success. Through methods such as online home business models, scalable affiliate marketing and ecommerce opportunities, we seek to motivate individuals to take actions to work towards achieving their business and professional goals.

Chip Hinde – Digital Marketing Consultant

HindeSights is the creation of Chip Hinde, with the vision to build an online community of resources for individuals and business owners to succeed. Having gone through the struggle of being a new entrepreneur, Chip believes that:

“Everyone can succeed, you just need tools to be able to get there.” – Chip Hinde

Through the years Chip has been a musician, janitor, and worked as an executive in the non-profit world. After that, Chip is now focusing on work as an entrepreneur. The creation of HindeSights has been an opportunity to share tools and knowledge to business owners. Furthermore, resources that have brought successes to individuals getting a foothold on starting a new online or home-based business. To keep up and to get updates, be sure to follow Chip on Facebook, and HindeSight’s Facebook page.

Accessing Resources

The business tools and resources HindeSights provides online cover a wide variety of business needs.

Online tools for business

There are affiliate program opportunities to grow income through affiliate marketing. By providing access to affiliate vendor programs, you can leverage offers to earn commissions.

Advertising tools to help grow your online presence with tips for keyword use, analyzing trends and SEO tools.

We offer unique tools and resources for content creation for social media and websites. Shortcuts for creating graphics and video that will save you time.

We have list of various social media platforms to distribute online content to which to promote your business and content on. Social media sharing is a strong back linking method to help grow your business.

Valuable WordPress plugins to make your website easier to reach your customer market. Through automations and integrations, you can customize your WordPress website to optimize your business.

Business resources

Different vendors to help get you started online with website hosting. As well as help finding the right domain name, and easy website design.

Organizational tools and resources will help get your business streamlined by helping organize dates, tasks, and projects. Furthermore, there are opportunities to save time by outsourcing tasks to other vendors.

Connections to vendors to help keep your business up and running. From office supplies to business phone lines, and virtual mailing addresses, these will help your business grow.

Auto responder and email marking tools to connect with your customers through email campaigns. Programs that help you build your subscriber lists and send email broadcast, as well as newsletters.

Different training programs to give you an edge with your business. For instance, there are programs that promote personal growth as well as strategies to get a jumpstart to starting a business. Including direct one on one mentoring and training.

Additionally, solo ad vendors allow you to broadcast your offers and obtain new subscribers. By leveraging the mailing lists of others, you can grow you customer base and expand your reach.

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