Are You Worried About Competition on the Internet?

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Are you worried about Competition on the Internet? Just because you see the competition is plentiful, don’t shy away from a niche you want to involve yourself in. All that means is that you have a clever idea and it’s a proven moneymaker according to how many others want a part of that pie too.

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition on the internet

Competition is a good thing because it can also prove the track record of a niche. What you want to do is bring something to the table within that niche that your competition is not offering.

For example, after the Kindle was released, plenty of companies began to offer protective cases. They were in a variety of designs and colors to the public who purchased the Kindle and other electronic devices.

However, one company decided to create a niche with safety from theft in mind and created a cover that resembles an old book. Protecting the Kindle from scratches and from the view of would-be thieves as well. They took a niche, narrowed it down, and charged ahead of the competition and are now making plenty in profits.

Competition on the internet, Focus to stand out

If you want to stand out, focus in on specifics

Any product that is specifically focused will beat the competition. So, if you want to work a niche on weight loss, you’ll discover that the weight loss niche is saturated with websites, books and other products dedicated to the topic.

It’s easy for consumers to get what’s called ‘blind eye’. When it comes to anything new on the weight loss scene because of that over saturation. Another thing to do is to take the topic of weight loss and narrow it down. You narrow it down to only one small aspect of the weight loss topic.

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You could narrow it down by focusing only on organic weight loss products or information. Narrow it down by targeting only women who’ve given birth. They will now want to lose weight and get back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Don’t waste a lot of time for no reason when it comes to competition on the internet

The trick is to take an old topic and give it a fresh twist. Think of all the magazine headlines that you read. You never see a new topic – just a fresh twist on what’s already been around for centuries.

Remember to do your homework

This is the part where doing your homework pays off. Once you’ve selected the niche that interests you, research all the competition on that niche. What are they offering? What audience are they targeting? How can you take that niche and make it more valuable to the consumer?

One way to discover what people are looking for in a niche is by doing keyword research. You can find free keyword tools online. You can then go through the keywords that your audience uses when searching for information about the topic. This may help give your ideas on how to narrow your focus for your niche.

If you want to learn how to do all these things, ENTRE Institute teaches you all these techniques to be more successful online. Additionally, they also have a huge social network, and private coaching.

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