How to Be a Super Affiliate Marketer

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Do you want to know how to be a super affiliate marketer? Too many online entrepreneurs settle for becoming a marketer when they could be so much more. Are you one of them? Have you heard other marketers bragging about making thousands each week when you’re barely squeaking out a few dollars?

What is the difference between you an the other guys?

Take a look at what separates you from them. It’s not that they’re any smarter or any more talented. Being a super affiliate marketer means that it’s simply that they found what worked and then worked it until the profits started rolling in. So how did they do it and how can you copy that success?

What are you promoting? Is the return high enough?

First of all, you have to know what you need to promote. Just because you happen to like a product doesn’t mean that it will sell well, so don’t just look for products that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Instead, research what the hot selling products are and look for the products that will give you a higher return. For example, 10% of a $1,000 product is $100 in your pocket. But 50% of a $60 product is just $30 in your pocket, so don’t rely on percentages alone.

Several affiliate programs have ways to gauge how well a product sells. Clickbank for instance has a way to sort offerings by “gravity.” Meaning how popular and in demand the product is.

Push out to social media and get more traffic

Once you find a good item to promote, start marketing aggressively. Talk it up on your website, present it on your blog, write articles about it, bring it to the attention of the public on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and on other social media sites.

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One word: Incentivize

Next, go the extra mile. Everyone likes dessert. So after you offer the main course of the product, sweeten the deal with a little something extra that savvy marketers often call a bonus.

It’s sort of like the television offers you’ve heard: “But wait! There’s more!” which is a line used to seal the deal, to tip the scales in the marketer’s favor – which of course is the customer making a purchase.

You want to offer the product and then bring on the extra. You have to make it something the potential buyer really wants and he can’t get it without buying the product. Something that complements the original purchase nicely – not a bonus that’s irrelevant to their needs.

Create a mystique or exclusivity about your product

You also want to create a buzz or spread the word about the bonus offer as well. Not only do you let the general public know about the offer, but you also make sure your list knows there’s a special deal waiting for them if they buy.

Anticipation is what creates an appetite among buyers. The worst thing for a marketer is to have a product that no one knows about. While word of mouth will bring in a few customers, your pre-launch days for your product are what will bring in the masses. Do a count down until the product releases and once it goes live, let your customers race out of the gate to be one of the first buyers.

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Are you on your way to being a super affiliate marketer?

Just remember that affiliate marketing is always going to involve the long game. Be patient, do take the advice above and make the changes to how you promote your products. It is about sustainability, and you will see better results in the long run. If you are looking for more helpful tools, check out our Resource Page

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