How to Juggle Affiliate Marketing and Childcare

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How do you juggle affiliate marketing and childcare? Parents of young children often wish they could work at home so that they can spend time with their children while working. If you know how to use the Internet, you don’t have to just wish–you can do this. So many of us have either decided to work from home or have been forced to work from home. If you are still struggling, keep reading to learn how you can set yourself up as an affiliate marketer so that you can work at home while taking care of your children.

Get organized, your workspace will be more workable

Organization is especially important when you work at home. It’s easy to think that you don’t need to work if your workspace is disorganized, or you work just anywhere.

Find some space in your house just for work

Start by dedicating one room of your house to work. I have heard of some people even converting closet space into a makeshift office. Setting up a home office not only allows you to get your brain into work mode, but also allows you to take a tax deduction at the end of the year.

Do you have everything you need in your space?

Your home office should contain your business computer and a telephone line (either a cell or a landline) that is dedicated solely to business. You should also have space to store any materials your affiliates give you, including contracts, catalogs, and product samples.

Tools to help you get organized

Get a desk calendar as well as using the calendar on your computer so that you can organize your time. Block out times that you plan to work. You should also include non-work activities (i.e. social activities, time with your kids, and time for other projects) on your calendar so that you don’t fall into the trap of working all the time. Some other tools that can help you get organized are and Trello. These are great for organizing tasks and tracking.

There are more tools you can use on our Resources Page

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As with business, keep your kid’s schedules organized too

When you make your schedules, you need to keep your kids’ schedules in mind. Depending on your children’s ages, they may have to be at school at a certain time, be picked up at a certain time, or have after-school activities you need to get them to. Put these items in your calendar and plan your work time around them. Since you can’t be in two places at once, it’s important that you work around your kids’ schedules. This is the key part to juggling affiliate marketing and childcare.

Do you have your office hours set?

Once you have your schedule set up, make sure you let the people around you know when you will be working. People often don’t realize that a work-at-home parent is working; they may think that because you are home, you are free to socialize, especially during times that the kids are at school. So, it’s important to let people know that you are not free at certain times. You may need to set boundaries such as not answering your personal telephone while you are at work or not allowing neighbors to just quickly visit.

Keep focused on work when you are working

It’s also important that you not allow yourself to get distracted by things like social media sites, television, or other leisure activities. Set regular break times into your schedule and stick to them. You need to ensure that you spend at least part of your break time away from your computer, too. If you spend your breaks on Facebook or other social media sites, for example, you’ll feel like you’re chained to your computer and may become reluctant to keep working.

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Do you have a handle on your affiliate marketing and childcare?

Once you have your office space and your schedule set up, all you need to do is get to work! Although it takes a while for affiliate marketing to make you money, you can make a steady income so that you can stay home with your kids while working.

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