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The ClickBank affiliate program has to be one of the largest affiliate platforms on the Internet. The company started in the late 1990’s by a group of entrepreneurs and ClickBank currently has more than 200 million customers from all over the internet.

What are the benefits?

As far as online retailers go, ClickBank strives to give it’s customers a diverse range of products. They also create a great opportunity for online entrepreneurs. It’s more than just an affiliate network. Their main focus is on digital products manufactured by entrepreneurs all over the world.

For Affiliates, both new and returning, ClickBank is an opportunity to earn commission as returns for themselves.

You can also easily register on ClickBank as a vendor to promote, advertise, welcome and market your digital products on their market. You can sign up as an affiliate and generate revenue by promoting the range of digital products on the market.

This marketplace gives access to digital creators to set up their digital products while providing affiliate marketers links to promote products to earn commissions.

For a more detailed look at ClickBank, we will highlight its advantages and disadvantages to give you an idea whether it’s a scam or a valuable resource for affiliate marketers.

What products are available on ClickBank?

There are a variety of different digital products such as website templates, webinars, eBooks, and software. There are also many additional categories or niches such as home and garden, sports, sports equipment, health, food, and even travel. If you are an affiliate marketer, there are many products to promote in just about every niche.

What is the quality of the products offered on ClickBank?

For the most part, the quality of the products offered are very decent, if not good. There is however many products that are what one would consider to be a low-end product.

Some of the manufactures or vendors often offer flashy ad banners, and can make some aggressive boast about their products. This does not always mean that the products are terrible. However, buyer beware. There are still many quality products offered, that many customers are highly satisfied with.

There are genuine quality digital products as well as others available to promote from the ClickBank affiliate program. Which is why there are still plenty of reasons to use ClickBank as affiliate.

What is the pay schedule like for an affiliate?

You can set your pay schedule to weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the threshold you set in the settings of your account. Another new feature of ClickBank is their integration with PayPal. So now you can more easily access your commissions without a paper check or transfer to your bank account.

What are the advantages of ClickBank?

Some of the best things about ClickBank are as follows:

There are a wide variety of tried-and-true products

There are a whole lot of trusted and reputable products on ClickBank and these are the products that have been tested and well proven. The biggest challenge is searching for them, which is not always easy.

Stable affiliate network

ClickBank has been in the game for a long time, since 1998. They have the reputation and the following that many other affiliate networks wished they had. This allows them to also maintain consistent payouts to their affiliates as well.

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Knowledgeable community of vendors and affiliates

With so many affiliates and vendors for such a long period of time, there is a plethora of pooled information to work off of. Great communication with vendors is a keystone here. As well as the fact that many affiliates can support each other with insights from their experiences.

Tools and trainings

ClickBank has reporting tools and trainings that can help you become a better and more active affiliate marketer.

There is a money back guarantee

ClickBank’s money back guarantee can make the products you sell more marketable. Buyers are more likely to take risk if there is a money back guarantee.

It does not cost anything to get started

Signing up for ClickBank does not cost anything! and it is pretty easy to sign up.

High Commissions

There can be up to 75% commissions offered with some of the products available on the ClickBank marketplace. Not to mention some come with recurring commissions.

What are the disadvantages of ClickBank?

While there are many positives about ClickBank an affiliate platform, there are several negative things to take note of.

High competition with other affiliates

Being that ClickBank is so popular, you can imagine that there are tons of affiliates that are also advertising with these products. While not impossible to break from the back, the market is sometimes saturated with offers.

ClickBank’s refund policy

As great of a selling point it is to have a refund policy, the downside is that you potentially can lose earnings. This really is a double-edged sword.

The payment method for commissions

While there are many different methods to be paid out your commissions, ClickBank requires you have a whole lot of sales before they will pay you out. This is more cumbersome than some other affiliate network programs.

How to earn money on ClickBank

It’s very easy to choose by a product, but there is more to it to earn an income on ClickBank. It is not really important which affiliate program you sign up for, if you lack the basic principles and affiliate marketing, it is not likely that you will succeed.

There are also other things to keep in mind when selling ClickBank products that do not comply with other programs.

What to consider

First, ClickBank sells digital products; This surely means that marketing techniques and strategies to use will be different from those of the Amazon Affiliate program, or any other tangible product.

Digital products sell faster and help generate great revenue if you can market online without easily

It is advisable and ideal to provide your audience with useful advice or even a review, which will describe the product and its functions to the public.

You can choose to feature the product in a review; this can help you generate more traffic. Almost all your content and this will surely increase your potential gains.

Always make sure your content is well written and has high value. Your content must be of a great quality for the public in one way or another. You have to spend time with your reviews and guides and make sure to perfect everything to ensure high quality content before publishing it.

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Another thing is that good content means a better chance to rank on Google. In order to make your content better, you must implement the Tactics of SEO. You can master it as a skill or can also hire someone else to do it on your behalf, but your major goal must be to reach the first page of Google search results. One option is to look at having someone form Fiverr to do your backlinking.

Do a product review to peak interest

All these methods are proven methods that have been verified to be the best. Product review is one of the best methods for selling digital products online as affiliate marketing.

Implement this strategy and it is certain that you will get a good chance of doing it with the ClickBank affiliate program, as well as others that deal with digital products.

Follow this technique and you have a good chance to succeed with ClickBank and each other affiliate program that deals with digital products. Although there are other ways to go, product reviews always receive loads of views and people really want to read. What this implies that higher traffic leads to higher sales.

Of course, there are other methods there. But product criticism regularly gets tons of views and people really want to read them. The higher traffic is equal to higher sales – it’s as simple.

Bottom line: Is ClickBank a good affiliate platform?

Sure, there are some downsides to the ClickBank affiliate program, but I have to say, given the variety of products offered across all the different niches, ClickBank is worth trying out. As you refine your skills, and find the products that work for your audience using the right marketing techniques, there is the possibly of those larger commissions.


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