Solo Ads or Paid Ads, Which is Your Best Strategy?

Solo Ads or Paid Ads
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Solo ads or paid ads, which approach will you use? With any sort of business or online marketing, there is one great truth. Traffic is king. How do you get it, and what will net you the most potential subscribers or sales?

Solo ad approach to sales and subscribers

Solo ads are very popular with affiliate marketers. It is an easy way to get your offer in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Solo vendors spend their resources building their subscriber base for the sole purpose of getting paid to send your offer or capture page. Many solo vendors deal in specific niches, that is about as specific as you can get as far as targeting your advertising.

How to find the best solo ad vendor

With solo ads, you very well can be at the mercy of the solo vendor, so vet them as much as possible. Quality list building is key. You want a solo ad vendor that has is constantly gaining new subscribers to their list. The worse thing is to have a vendor that has the same stale list. You could be throwing money away sending an ad to uninterested buyers again and again. Depending on the platform, see what their ratings are, number of sales, and repeat buyers. These can all be indicators of the level of quality there is in with their subscriber list.

What works best to capture subscribers or sales?

Most solo ad marketing is done in the form of emails. This can be done one of two ways. Either as a link that the solo vendor will send out in their own emails. Often you can provide both the subject line and email swipe rather than your solo vendor. (They may know their subscribers better though).

If you go with your own email and subject lines, generally, as a rule to stay out of the promotion tab or junk folder, stay away from spammy subject lines, or excessive links in your email. Do not capitalize everything. A good solo ad vendor may advise you of which approach works best with their subscribers. Remember, a solo vendor’s success depends on repeat customers, so listen to their input.

Go to our Solo Ad Vendors Page for more information.

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Content of your ad

Marketing is a slippery slope. The goal is to grab someone’s attention, but not be deceptive.

Online Affiliate Marketing

It is a best practice to be honest with your offer. Do not over deliver or lie. Capture attention and get clicks out of intrigue, not misleading lies.

The numbers game with solo ads

With solo ads, the reality is some things are going to end up flagged as spam. It really is a numbers game, how many clicks you buy, how many make it through, how many get viewed, how many subscribe, and how many buy.

Statistically, you would be lucky to get a 35% opt-in rate, and maybe 1% end up making a purchase.

Volume is where you get your win. Other than that, just making sure your offer page works well. If you can do split testing, see what works and what doesn’t, and keep homing in on a higher opt-in rate.

Solo ads shotgun effect

The reality is solo ads work more like a shotgun blast. You cast a wide net out, and hope you land subscribers or a buyer for your affiliate marketing products. Some affiliate marketers are successful with solo ads, but it becomes a gamble. How much money you put in, to how much you get out.

Laser focus your sales with paid ads

to You If you want to laser focus your traffic, I suggest going with a setting up a Facebook, Google or Microsoft Ads account. You can target specific keywords, and tailor an ad to exactly what you are promoting. You can even draw in customers with a lead magnet.

With paid ads you can really begin to target your ideal customer, from behaviors, device use, location, demographics, and tracking pixels. This requires a bit of research and trial and error. However, it become more beneficial and cost effective than the uncertainty of a solo ad.

For a list of different advertising platforms go to our Advertising Resources Page.

Content of paid ads

One thing to be cautious about is that most platforms, Google and Facebook especially, are weary of claims and specific language used in advertisements. This can ultimately cause an ad to be rejected. Read all the user agreements and understand each platform advertising rules before you end up without any ads running.

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Advertising costs and email campaigns

What is the cost of getting a subscriber? it depends on what it is you are marketing, and or what your future value of that subscriber could be if you are doing additional email marketing. At the end of the day, the goal is high quality subscribers that are engaged and eager to buy.

You may have the best luck getting those subscribers with paid ads. Solo ads are also good at getting subscribers. Although, they may not be interested in your upfront offer; you have an opportunity to build a relationship with them if you are running an email campaign. An email campaign allows you to send more or different offers to your audience. This is why the overall value of a subscriber may be worth the initial investment with either paid or solo ads. They have potential future value in future purchases.

Which is approach to advertising is best?

That is all a matter of several factors, audience, offer, statistics, solo vendor, ad copy. So many variables. It takes the right combination to make it all work to generate sales. Either future sales with an email campaign, or up-front sales. Which strategy will you choose?

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