You Need to Use Multimedia Increase Your Profits

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If you use multimedia, there’s no doubt that it is great way to make profits. Digital downloads and streaming podcasts are easy to format and can be created by anyone who has something to say. For the marketer, eBooks are a great tool to bring in profit.

Why use multimedia?

But one of the best things you can do is add more than one form of media to your sale to increase profit margins. The reason that multi-media products increase profits is because even for people who are great readers, how-to examples set in a step-by-step visual guide make it easier to learn and retain knowledge.

Recordings or video is easier to take in than reading

It’s easier for most people to grasp learning something new when it’s presented visually. You may know what you mean in your eBook when you talk about formatting something or putting it up on a website, but for the beginner, those words will seem like a foreign language.

YouTube videos give you a chance to connect to your customers

Using videos to sell your products also gives you the edge of being able to add a personal touch. You can also add audio files for the customer to be able to download as an podcast to their player for on-the-go learning.

Everyone is getting on the streaming bandwagon

Audio courses are just another way to use multi media to raise the level of profits you earn. Audio files are more portable and versatile than ever before and with the rise of the smartphones, almost everyone has a way to play and stream podcasts.

How do you record a podcast or video?

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of fancy computer software to create a quality podcast or YouTube video. All you need is a microphone that plugs into your computer or laptop and recording software, some of which is already pre-installed on your computer. There are some great programs for creating videos here on our Resources page.

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Audacity is one free audio editor that works across multiple platforms, enabling you to record your lessons. Audio files are particularly good if you get easily flustered in front of the camera. You can reference a quick outline you’ve written in an audio recording without the audience ever knowing. Screencast-O-matic is also a great option for recording video, as well as your shared screen.

When you’re ready to make your recording, find a quiet place. You don’t want to have to scrap a perfectly good recording because your microphone picked up the sounds around you.

You an always edit out mistakes with a recording when you use multimedia

Once you’re finished with the recording, listen to the playback carefully in one sitting and make a note of anything that needs to be edited or changed. Audacity and other audio recording programs can help you remove long pauses or unnecessary words for example ‘like’ or ‘umm’ or any pet phrases that you might overuse.

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