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When you consider all the ways to make a lot of money online, affiliate marketing often seems the most promising. You don’t have to produce a product, you don’t have to start from nothing with your marketing materials, and you get help from the owner of the product. Here are some tips to really make the income you want by using affiliate marketing to get you there.

Don’t rush into the first program you find

All affiliate programs seem attractive at first, but you must be sure to thoroughly investigate any option you come across. You want to look for three things: a good product, a reputable company, and a good amount of training and marketing aid. All affiliate programs will promise you the moon, but you must be smart about how you determine which programs you want to go with.

There are many affiliate programs to partner with, such as ClickBank, ShareASale, PayDotCom, and Amazon to name a few. Look at our list of Affiliate Programs to get more information.

Use the internet to search for testimonials or reviews of the programs. Look at how many affiliates there are, so you don’t enter an over-saturated market. Really take your time and find the right product for you. Google Trends is a great barometer of what is trending, also, Exploding Topics is another great tool that I would recommend.

Do not sign an exclusivity contract with an affiliate program

While it benefits some companies for you to promise that their product gets all your attention, this can many times be not so good for you. Remember the saying about putting all your eggs in a single basket? That rings true here. While you are choosing a product that you like and want to believe in, there are always changes in business that can lead to problems for you if you aren’t thinking ahead. At any time, you should be thinking about how you are going to expand your new affiliate business, and the quickest way to do that is to choose more than one product from one company. However, you should stick with one niche to begin with.

To make a lot more money focus on a group of people, not the product

Because you are going to promote more than one product, it is important that you start thinking about the people you are trying to convince to be your buyers. When you do this, you get a good idea about who they are, what they want, and how you can offer them solutions. That means that you have an idea of what they’re looking for and provide them with products they are likely to buy. When you focus on people instead of the product, you open yourself up to possibilities that you may not have even considered before. That way, you let your customers guide you toward what they will buy. And isn’t that easier than just guessing?

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One of the best approaches to this is to get into social media groups of the same niche of the product you are marketing. You can easily ask questions and get input the type of buyer you are looking for.

Training and support

One of the best resources for an affiliate marketer is the experience of other affiliate marketers. There are many training programs available, you can even do a Google search to find different trainings online or on YouTube. One of the best ways to be successful is with peer support and peer mentoring. I strongly suggest you investigate social networking groups of other affiliate marketers or seek out a good coaching program. Check out our Training Programs Page.

Are you ready to start making a lot of money?

After reading the above tips, you should have a pretty good idea of how you can really make money with affiliate marketing. Do your best to apply the tips to your new business, and you will soon start to see results. Make sure that you achieve all you want by continuing to learn more; affiliate marketing can be great for you if you commit to it and stay dedicated to success.

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